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    Why? Heres a list of why’s.

    I paid for custom CSS and domain forwarding.

    I ended up having to move my site off of because I had paid for the CSS customization, but when making changes to my CSS it would sometimes take literally, hours before the data would sync across your servers and the changes would show up on my site.

    Upon getting all of my data off of and onto my own hosting server, I emailed support and asked them specifically, to dump the posts, comments, and pages from my site, but NOT to delete my subdomain because I had paid for customCSS and domain forwarding and wanted to make sure that A. was still forwarding to my domain so any feed subscribers of would be redirected to, and B, Incase I wanted to beable to test customCSS stuff for clients of mine who use and want custom sandbox designs.. I would beable to.

    Now.. These are services I paid for.. and I gave him good reason for NOT unlinking my username from my corresponding subdomain.. So why did he lazily nuke my site and re-add it, without giving me access, and without giving back my services that I paid for? If i had wanted my site nuked I would have just filled out the “delete my site” form.

    Then when I go to submit the feedback form to submit a new ticket, I get a notice saying that I should come to the forums because there is no support on the weekends?

    Don’t we blog on the weekend? Don’t we need the services we paid for on the weekends?

    You’ve disappointed me, big time. I understand that my little blog might be insignifigant compared to your VIP hosters, but really, what kind of message are you sending. What would motivate anyone to pay you $900 for the first month of VIP hosting+setup, when you can’t even offer good service to the little guys?



    The CSS upgrade is back.
    The domain credit is there, please use it as you wish.

    And support closes at the weekend because support is one person – me. Given that Monday to Friday I am online and fixing problems for a minimum of 15 hours a day I think I earn the right to close Support. You won’t have seen but I have been here answering posts, I have been replying to replies and I have other work. It’s not like I lazily slob around.

    If anything is still wrong it would be nice if you didn’t have a pop again, okay?



    This was resolved in irc.



    A quick look at your profile shows that you’ve received help and lots of it in the past.

    And usually the issue with CSS not showing up is with those behind proxies. And this is the firsat I’ve seen you mention the issue around here.

    You’re welcome. Thanks for insulting someone who spends a lot of time around here trying to help.

    Bloodly hell….



    On behalf of over 800,000 WordPress users, let me just say that really, none of us give a rat’s ass about your feelings, Kristin. Thanks for sharing.

    Seriously, could this not have been addressed in an email to WordPress? Oh, I see it was. Someone has mistaken this help forum for her livejournal…



    I’m just wondering why she didn’t ask for assistance instead of going off like that. Granted the feedback is off for the weekend but there are links to go to where to get help.



    I’m reading it as: the real issue isn’t the tech stuff, it’s her personal feelings. So that’s what I addressed.



    I’m not behind a proxy, and it was not an issue with caching.

    Where did I ever mention my feelings? If I seemed at all hostile, it was because the CustomCSS thing came up on irc previously. I was not the only person with the problem, and If I seemed irritated at all about it, it was only because of the way fools acted when I mentioned a pretty simple solution to the problem.

    I never called you, or implied that you are a lazy slob. You clearly made a mistake in my situation, which was really not even resolved after you replied to this thread the first time. I had to re-explain AGAIN, on irc what the problem was.

    I’m sorry I did not realize that you are the only support person. I would think that with $600 setup fees for hosting, Automattic could afford to hire more than 1 support person.



    “Irritated” is the name of the post. Unless you are referring to a mysterious rash, this would appear to be a reference to your emotional state.

    Also, you mention that you’ve moved your blog off WordPress altogether, so there’s no real reason for you to be posting here except to vent retroactively.

    And you certainly did call Mark lazy. That is exactly the word you used.



    I only returned here because I saw the referrers in my logs with the &replies=XX.

    I said a specific action he took was a lazy way of going about it, I never said HE was a lazy slob, and like I said.. at the time I had no idea there is only 1 support person for all of

    Bottom line is I gave him specific instructions not to delete my site, and to make sure I could still access three things.

    1. my subdomain
    2. the customCSS i paid for
    and 3. the domain forwarding i paid for

    And he did none. He simply nuked my site, re-added it without adding me as an author/admin, and sent me an email saying to open a new ticket if I needed anything else.



    a little off-topic here, but i hope this might be useful for other readers: 7 Things To Know Before Posting in WordPress.Com Forums



    In this case a blogger posted looking for support for her irritation and vindication for the position she took. In retrospect perhaps the sound of silence from forum volunteers would have spoken more loudly than their words did.

    [Edited for brevity.]



    I didn’t read past your first period, TT.

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