Irritating “hidden” dead link in site :(

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    I’ve got a link showing up in my stats routinely that I just cannot find on the site and don’t know how to search for it any better than just by putting it in, but because of the address I get no backtrack to know where it is located. Link is “http://none”. I have routinely worked through all the posts each time to see if I could find it but have had no success, so wondered if anyone here might be able to suggest some fixes. It’s not overly important other than the fact that visitors seem to find it ok, but I can’t!! And I’m a bit of a perfectionist so don’t like stray links like this sitting ad infinitum on the site. :(.

    Appreciate any suggestions. Romayne


    If you have any images, hover your mouse over them and see if one of them has that link to nowhere.



    If you have this hidden link click it the clicks section of your stats
    It could be from a ad that wordpress staff had on your site it could be from
    ‘Possibly Related Posts’ feature too…




    What tsp said; it’s the picture in the first Post on your blog “sikh-women.jpg”. There’ve been some changes recently to how images are inserted in posts and apparently that photo got caught in the crossfire.



    JJ – you’re a GEM – I really had gone through as many posts as possible to check on links but could never find them so thank you so much for that – although that particular image is fairly recent, and this problem is older, at least it lets me know what I’m looking for and where else I might find a similar problem. So thanks for that :).



    Welcome! If looking at source code doesn’t make your eyes water, open it up, usually through the “View” menu in your browser. Then use the browser’s search feature to find the errant link.

    (I’m willing to bet that you probably uploaded these images in the past couple of weeks when was doing a little bit of behind the scenes tinkering.) :)

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