Is a bug affecting the Publicize Feature?

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    Usually when I add a new post, after typing up my post, giving it a title, and setting the publish date, when I expand the “Publicize” feature there will already be listed the title of my post and a shortlink to the page. But for the past few days, there’s been no shortlink, and I’ve had to go and get it manually, which takes a bit of extra time. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s kind of annoying. Does anybody have any idea what happened?

    Possibly related, possibly unrelated, but over the same time I’ve noticed that WordPress has started automatically checking the “Uncategorized” category checkbox for every new post, and so it’s causing me a few extra clicks to unclick that and click the correct, appropriate category. Again, not a huge deal, but minorly annoying.

    The blog I need help with is



    Volunteers answering forum questions do not have backend access to blogs and cannot apply technical fixes. Only Staff can



    I agree with both of your highlighted issues. I just noticed that the short URL is missing in the Twitter’s Publicize box (which may not be a big deal because it is posting to Twitter anyway), and the default category is being picked as soon as you create a post (which was not the case earlier).


    I went to the support page, but the verbiage on that page said to come and check for the fora first. Ergo, I came here to ask my question before e-mailing the support contact.




    This is the first thread I have noticed on this topic posted to the forum. However, I didn’t do a forum search and I’m not always here so there could have been others I did not see as they weren’t on the front page. It does appear that there is a bug affecting at least some blogs and that Staff assistance is required. Best wishes for a happy outcome.


    It was just a general “have you checked the fourm” message before doing a support contact. So, I thought I ought to. I didn’t find anything posted here either, so that’s why I started a thread, just in case.

    I went ahead and sent a support question in via the support contact form. Thanks.



    Until enhances its publicize features to FB (it works for me technically), it’s better visually if you manually paste your blog’s URL into your FB Wall coz this activates the thumbnail feature and gives you an option to pick one you like to be associates (where multiple thumbs are available). WP knows this and are working to improve this aspect.




    I’m noticing delays in hours from the time post is made and the time it shows up in feed reader. Previously, it used to be very quick.

    The twitter and email publishing is still quick though.

    Can’t tell if this is a feed reader issue or WordPress issue.

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