Is a 'Buy' button available or only 'Donate'?

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    I want to be able to sell my books. Is this not allowed on a site? Any suggestions or is a hosted separate site the only option?

    The blog I need help with is


    Donate only.

    While you are allowed to sell things that YOU personally create, this is not the place for eCommerce and cannot be set up for such.



    Thank you. I have read your links. I was only intending to sell my own books, (paperbacks not ebooks) but ‘donate’ would probably be sufficient?


    I was only intending to sell my own books

    If you have actually written/authored them, you should be OK as far as WP policy, but as noted in one of the other threads, there is a debate over whether using the Donate button to sell is within PayPal policy or not.



    Some people will link to Etsy or a similar site to sell things they have made



    Sorry ‘Etsy?’ What is it? Have you a link? In answer to notawoodpecker I have written and self published both.



    @philipparees – etsy is for selling art and craft items that you’ve made.

    As for selling your book, you can usually link to another site via which you’re selling the book (ie, Amazon or, but you’re not allowed to put a shopping basket on your webpage or blog here on

    I noticed that you put a donate button on your contact page. In my opinion (and you’ll need to check with Paypal on this) that’s the wrong use of a donate button, and you could be penalised by Paypal for it.

    It would probably be better for you to self-host your blog and then you can have a shopping cart and ‘buy’ button, etc.



    Thank you both. I did check originally, and provided that readers choose to donate after acquisition rather than payment being conditional it was OK. A self hosted site just for this one aspect seems OTT but it may have to be the way it develops (if i ever get a reader!) An alternative would be free downloadable PDF’s and I would like help with how to set that up?


    An alternative would be free downloadable PDF’s and I would like help with how to set that up?

    You can upload PDFs to your Media library, then email a link to those who ‘Donate” so they can download them.



    Brilliant, thank you. I had not yet investigated the media section at all so PDF’s first, your advice second. Very grateful for your help.

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