Is a News Module the best solution for this unusual layout?

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    My client wants the site to function exactly like the graphic below.
    The HEADER and FOOTER would be global and editable.
    The MENU would be editable and linked to CATEGORY PAIRINGS.
    Creation of a new CATEGORY automatically adds a MENU item.
    Creation of a new PAIRING is based on a CATEGORY template.


    So, if the CATEGORY is “Jewelry” and the client wants to add a wristwatch on the left side and a necklace on the right side, he would log in to the admin panel, find the “Jewelry” CATEGORY template and add another pairing (in this case a wristwatch and necklace). Once the new pairing is added, it automatically becomes part of the “Jewelry” section and will be available by clicking the “NEXT” and “PREVIOUS” buttons.

    Essentially, each pairing is like a “news item” being displayed one item at a time. Sort of like a blog if a blog only displayed one update per page.

    Ideally, they would be able to organize the order of the pairings, unlike a News Module which typically puts the latest News at the top of the list.
    But, a news module is the only way I can think of doing this that will allow the Previous and Next buttons to function without doing a lot of manual coding for every update.



    Erm, I guess I can’t display images in the forum, so here’s the image link:



    I think you’re in the wrong place and need to be at See below for clarification:

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