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Is a account suitable for storing cemetery photos?

  1. I'm considering a WordPress blog for our Genealogy group. I would like to have a Cemetery page with the various cemeteries in town so people could click on a name and see the photo of the gravestone. Do I need something special to do this? Like more room? There will be hundreds of photos. I understand .com does not allow plugins, but I don't know that I'm ready, or have enough time to commit to a .org.

  2. Hi there,
    All blogs come with 3000 megabytes (~3 GBs) of space for storing uploaded files and images. That's a HUGE amount of space but if yopu need more you can purchase space upgrades.

  3. Actually, there are a few cemetary blogs here already.

  4. Thank you. Yes, so many options! I'm getting less done all the time just perusing what I *could* do!

  5. Just remember to optimize the pictures for the web - don't upload 3mb raw picture files - that will blow through the 3gb space in short order - I did that on one blog I set up and did not take much time to fill things up -

  6. Does that mean re-size to about 300x300?

  7. Something like that - there are programs that will compress pictures for you - I use Gimp a free image program and then crop pictures and then scale them down to between 200 & 500 wide depending on what I am using them for then use a large amount of compression to give small file sizes

    Look around a bit - sounds like a large number of pictures and depending on the light and how old the gravestone is you might want to edit the picture to make the words easier to read -

    Given the number of pictures if you can find a program that automates the work it will make life easier

    Good luck and good on you for helping to make history more available

  8. That's enough to get me stumbling in the right direction. I'm tempted to use the photo software on my computer I've already been using just to save me time but I shall remain curious about this Gimp. Thank you.

  9. Gimp is free - does the same as Photoshop - bit of a learning curve but the simple stuff was not to tough for me to learn - one hint is to write down what you do to a picture so the results can be repeated and the pictures look similar in tone, colors etc.

  10. I'm having a run on learning curves...just call me Danica!

    Have learned to write down what I do so I know what I've done. I vaguely remember being able to just remember what I did.

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