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Is additional Navigation links/arrows possible with CSS?

  1. txcowboydancer

    I just bought the Profile Theme and I have the CSS Customization Upgrade for my blog.

    My old theme mystique had forward and back next/previous links on the blog entries at the top and at the bottom of the post, which I like. The new theme only has them at the bottom of each post.

    I'm a CSS newbie so forgive the silly question, but is this the sort of thing that is controlled with CSS? Can I add a snippet of CSS code that puts those previous/next entries both at the top and at the bottom of a blog post?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there, CSS is used to style and position elements in a web page, but cannot be used to add functionality, such as duplicating the next/previous post links. I looked at the CSS and the HTML and don't find that element at the top of the posts (sometimes things like that are there but hidden), so there is no way to do this.

  3. txcowboydancer

    Bummer... *sigh* But at least I know for certain. Thank you for talking a look at the code for me.

    If I may ask a follow up question: I'm very new to CSS and sometimes it is very hard for me to figure out which section of the CSS style sheet is controlling a specific area in the theme. Any tips or a shortcut to making this easier? Right now I'm using the Developer Tools plugin inside of Firefox to "lift the hood" metaphorically speaking and look at the code.


  4. The web inspectors are the best route, and you just need to do a little playing with them. Look both at the CSS and the HTML shown as the two go together. I would suggest setting yourself up a test blog to work with. They are great for trying out new themes and such and for working on CSS (try before you buy), especially with the live preview in the Custom Design feature. Here are three links to resources here at that may help you, if you have not yet seen them. The third one you are already working with (web inspector) but might be worth a look.

    CSS Basics
    Editing CSS
    How to find your theme's CSS

    If you have any questions or problems, do let us know.

  5. txcowboydancer

    Wow! Thank you very much for the reply.


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