Is Adsense worth it?

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    I know the clear distinction between and so this is not a question about that!

    Anyway, I run a sports blog (with two other guys) and I am based out of India. We get about 200 hits a day on an average and we are hoping with time that number will increase.

    Anyway, my question is …from your experience, when do you think a person should really go in for adsense? In terms of hits. ( I think thats the best parameter to judge). At some point of time next year we will be going in for the paid host version.. do you think its worth having adsense when your blog gets about 500 hits a day? ANy chance of making money at all?

    I hope my question is clear. I am a total Adsense noob! Please help :)



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    With 500 hits a day, not really. If you were getting 1% click through per person on a sports themed site, that might earn you a dollar or two a day if you were lucky.



    Thanks drmike. So I guess that throws Adsense out of the window..for the time being :) Are there any examples that people can give me? Regarding revenues and hits?




    Around here, not really since we’re not suppose to be running Adsense and, offically that’s beyond what is suppose to be about.

    You’re best bet would be to ask over at (I have a feeling that you’re not going to get much there on the topic) or over at some place like

    My own personal two cents -> I’d skip Adsense and find someplace like and find specific companies that would fit your clientel. One of my clients that I host does a sort of web based Mail Call (Link provided since I see you’re not here in the States and I doubt you get the History Channel on your television) and she runs adverts for three different companies – A weekend bootcamp program for exectives, a weapons modeler, and a military history book club and she makes some decent money off of it. (So do I since I get 5%) You would probably have a lower percentage for clickthrus but your comission would be higher.

    Good luck,



    Wow, it’s good to see those numbers. It puts all the fuss over ads into perspective. Thanks for that.



    Are you aware of this?
    “Not sure what ads to purchase? Have our experts help you.”



    Those aren’t really tips on that page.

    Hmm, I just checked our what my main sites are worth…

    Edit: For reference I host about 600 clients in exchange for having control over their advertising or some sort of share of advert dollars and then it’s split between just Adsense (when I’m lazy) vs either CJ or another program. The “example” above is an extremely high case that balances against about 200 which earn me less than a dollar a month.



    With Google Adsense, you only get a check when it’s over $100. When I was at Blogger and got traffic, it only generated a couple of pennies. I was so annoyed that I just took out all those ads. It’s better to find affiliates or specific sponsors.

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