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Is advertising allowed on this auto blog ?

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  2. No. Why do you call that an autoblog?

  3. 'Why do you call that an autoblog?'
    Because it is.

    It's run by a spammer with bogus twitter accounts which are worth money because they sell them to people who want followers.

  4. Oh, then just report it as spam.

  5. Already have.
    Nothing happened.

  6. It's not instant, you know, particularly on Fridays.

  7. Bye.

  8. Maybe you missed my earlier answers to you about how to report suspected spam blogs.

  9. Touchy, vindictive, sloppy and impatient. Sounds like me!

  10. We've already told you what to do. Do it again.

    Unless you're talking about the ads WordPress puts on our blogs, in which case that's not going anywhere unless he buys the No Ads upgrade.

  11. WordPress staff, why are splogs permitted ?

  12. As mentioned earlier, please report the blogs via

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