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Is affiliate marketing allowed?

  1. I was thinking of starting up a technical blog about video hardware and capture sort of stuff. One of the main revenue streams I was looking into was possibly the Amazon affiliate marketing stream if I was writing a review and people wanted to buy the product after reading my review.

    While debating about what blog site to use I came across this article which worried me:

    "Many of the most common revenue strategies that bloggers depend on such as Google Adsense or affiliate marketing are not allowed, although you can promote your own products."

    I thought to myself "Oh well, no wordpress for me" but after some Googling there seems to be these "plugins" for Amazon Associates and stuff for WordPress so I don't know what to believe.

  2. Here is the current policy on what is allowed on, where we are:

    Also, we can't use plugins here on

    If that doesn't suit your needs, then you would be better to set up a website on a 3rd party host using the standalone version of the WordPress software.

  3. Thanks for that. So basically as long as I am actually putting in effort to do a proper review and putting the referral link at the bottom of the review, I should be fine to use Amazon?

  4. Yes.

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