Is anybody else having problems with Technorati this week?

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    Technorati has not listed any of my posts for 15 days (of almost daily posts). Is anybody else having this problem? Does anybody know how to fix it, besides sending a note to Technorati, which I have already done?


    Technorati is always having issues. My other blog one time wasn’t being updated for months.



    I’ve had to ping them get updated posts lately (look at the bottom of their page, very small lettering, Ping Us) and they haven’t updated my links in several days. You’re not alone.



    I was going to mention that actually. It’s working great for me. I changed my URL recently (moved to a subdirectory) and had no problem with Technorati catching the new URL.

    I think it was Rain or Collin who had issues with doing that in the past.

    You can go to the Technorati site directly and ping manually if you want. Some folks have reported in the past that claiming your blog over there helps if you haven’t done so already.



    I think the problem lies with Pingomatic this week, actually. Google’s not indexed my site since I forced it to a couple of days ago. I use as a workaround and that shows up, but I’m noticing that my comments on other blogs are not getting listed on Technorati. I see also that other peoples’ comments on my blog ARE getting listed on their Technorati listings, probably because I’m pinging through Pingoat. To me, that means is not pinging Technorati, and that means, since they use Pingomatic, that Pingomatic is falling down on the job.

    When it gets straightened out, hopefully we’ll all go up. Meanwhile, try using to ping your services like Technorati.


    Thanks for these helpful comments, including the tip from ellaella to look at Ping Us. A question for raincoaster about Pingoat: There was a comment about Pingoat on these forums a while back, and I registered — or thought I did — with it. Do you have to keep going back to Pingoat if you’ve already listed your blog once? If so, how often should you do this? My understanding of what you’re saying that using Pingoat is not a one-time thing the way claiming your blog on Technorati is. Is this correct?



    Yes. You have to keep hitting that same page, each time you update. That’s why it says “Bookmark this page”. If you have a self-hosted WP blog you can get it to autoping Pingoat or any other service, but at they’re set to only autoping Pingomatic.



    I am also. I have to go to Technorati myself or else I don’t get updated.


    I use pingoat after every blog post I publish and that service offers multiple choices for sending pings that the blogger can choose from. The top one is Technorati.


    My understanding of what you’re saying that using Pingoat is not a one-time thing the way claiming your blog on Technorati is. Is this correct?

    YES pingoat is not a one stop one time registry – you have to ping after each post you publish. :)



    dave1973, please see the posts above yours for suggestions.

    Rain, just for reference, do you know the autoping URL for pingoat? I’ve been unable to find it on their site.



    Once you put in your blog and select the services you want to ping, you hit the button marked “Ping Pingoat!” and then it loads a new page: that’s the page you bookmark. It’s different for each blog and has a specific coded URL that is about three furlongs in length.


    Technorati isn’t pinging automatically for me either, and hasn’t for a few weeks now.


    And as for pingoat, I tried to sign up with them a few weeks ago – on a site that says it’s all still beta – and they said they’d get back to me when “it’s ready” – but so far nothing. Trying to fill out their form gets you no further either – brings back an error message. All very strange.



    lettershometoyou, page down. You’re looking at an advert. See the bit under the Get Started! heading. There’s nothing to signup with. It’s a basic form like is.

    edit: It is a tricky site though. A number of the links go elsewhere to sites that I question.


    Question in what way? Can you tell us what problems you have with pingoat?



    Does anyone know if this would explain why I haven’t seen any new “Incoming Links” in my blogstats the past week or so, even though I know other blogs have been linking to me?

    Thanks for any insight!



    Incoming Links is a google function, so it shouldn’t depend on that.

    But yes, Pingoat’s big yellow “Sign up for more free blog traffic” thing is just an ad. You have to scroll down to get to the actual “put your blog here to ping” thing. The form in the yellow box is for some far-off system they’ve been announcing for a couple of months now. Nothing to do with pinging. If you ping and BOOKMARK that page that comes up once you hit Ping, then all you have to do is go back to that URL and it automatically pings. You can see it on the scrollbar on the side, as the page gets longer when it adds services that it’s pinged.

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