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Is anyone else ever tempted...

  1. sign up at Club Penguin just to see what all the fuss is about?

  2. Never!!!!! Blasphemy!!!! :)

  3. I have a Club Penguin blog. My blog kinda sucks though. Everyone fusses about it because they're jealous of Watex being the first link in google. I don't get the point of it though.

  4. No. Not much of a follower.
    Read about it on wikipedia, that'll probably cure ya.

  5. Sounds like going back to elementary school. No thanks!

  6. Dr Mike did get an account there. He said it seemed to be good clean fun, very social. God knows where all the drama comes from.

  7. I would rather stick red-hot pins in my eyes.

  8. what is that anyway? half the blogs i seem to click from the members here seem to have something to do with it (unless they are all the same blogs and i just have an extremely horrible memory)..

  9. Not after this episode of "return of the vengeful waterfoul."

  10. Wasn't it fabulous? Threatening to up and leave WordPress. Go on, I dare you, CP bloggers - that'll teach WP a lesson!

  11. that thread completes my life. :)

  12. omg.. Disney is behind this madness?

  13. I like penguins, but no.

  14. Lol... Disney is the reason Club Penguin got out of control.

  15. I checked the demographics of one CP blog just to prove a friend wrong because I said most who visit these blogs are old pervy men. Well I was right. This one CP blog had most of their visitors as older, high income, childless men.

  16. Creepy.

  17. I must be still in blogosphere dark age - because I see the Club Penguin thing a lot and have never even searched it. :-/

  18. The damn penguins have gotten onto my title page now. Two hawt posts this week.
    somebody find me a walrus.

  19. I could have missed it. But ... has anyone noticed that the only group not whining about the new dashboard is the penguins? They adopted CSS during the upgrade making it even harder on themselves and they're still penguining away.


    These 'adults' are on my nerves.

  20. Yes, I saw that. There was one little penguin flipping out, but the rest of them are all web savvy enough to start playing with things and figuring it out. The adults have demonstrated a conspicuous lack of ability to just figure things the fuck out.

  21. This one comment alone pisses me off enough to just about void entirely that compliment I gave to those winged brats.

    Seems to be the theme for this tool, here he's at it again with someone else, ungrateful ars:

    Located that from his profile, looking for this 'tons' of help he referred to in the first link. I'm going to roast a while and then reply; what a fuqer. I'm so pissed.

    This is also a GRRRR BTW.
    I had such a good day today, too. UGH!

  22. Oh, yes. I've dealt with him before. He's got an entitlement issue.

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