is anyone else having a problem with their ‘Blog Stats’?

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    my stats suddenly dropped off the planet last week, and they’ve bearly recovered. my hosts stats and all my other stat reports are telling me everything’s fine. i like the WP ‘blog stats’ but they’ve just stopped working. is there a problem that i don’t know about.



    Mine quit working yesterday and I have no idea who to contact to fix it. I’ve posted this to someone else who is having problems which are not yet resolved.

    I searched the forums and suspect my problem is related to a new theme I uploaded and possibly some conflict with SiteMeter code on my blog (

    When I changed my theme I noticed I was getting no hits and realized I had forgotten to add the SiteMeter code to the new theme found here:

    At first I put the sitemeter code in the sidebar as it would not show up when I added it to the stylesheet.

    Then I moved it to index.php page and it sits at the bottom of my blog.

    That, obviously, fixed Sitemeter which now has stats for me but since yesterday (when I loaded the sitemeter code) I get nothing on WP Blog Stats.

    Did I do something wrong? On my old theme both stats features worked ok.



    Hmm.. I have not changed themes, have no custom themes and my hits have dropped off as well, I just thought people had quit visiting my site.. but maybe not?..


    I usually notice a drop-off in visitors on Sundays and holidays, but this time, the numbers jumped.

    But now that you mention it – the weekly and monthly chart looks OK, but the daily chart is all borked – it’s one-quarter sized, squeezed into the bottom right of the space it usually occupies.



    As a follow-up, I purposely disabled SiteMeter for a couple of hours (at a time when I knew I would be getting traffic) and Blog Stats STILL did not work.



    antzinpantz – I just clicked links in your blog. Your stats work okay for your wpcom blog.

    A non-wpcom blog? check the stats readme file.



    I hate to sound like a total moron but how did you check my stats? What did you click? Where did you go?

    On my dashboard I get nothing for the past three days where, before that, all was well.

    And where can I find the readme file for stats?




    I “broke the code” and figured it out. I dug around until I found a post about the stats ( and in the FAQ the author mentioned a line of code that I needed to enter before the </body> tag. I did that and all is well.


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