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Is bold heading forbidden in

  1. Please take a look at this post:

    Are bold subheadings allowed in I mean is this 1998? I cannot even put a bold heading in my blog? What is going on here? When I put "Stupid WordPress" as bold it goes and attaches itself to the previous line. Go look for yourself. When I delete the bold it is ok.

    Can you please fix this freaking idiotic thing?

    Thanks anyway.

  2. Unit as isomorphism? is bold and on it's own line. If you put something like this:

    <b>Unit as isomorphism?</b>
    <em>Yes it is</em>
    <b>That was it!</b>

    Should display with each on their own line perfectly. That is what I am seeing on your blog as well, so I am not sure of your problem.


  3. Sorry, we can't do anything for your rudeness. Guess we're going to have to live with it.

  4. Did you take a look at the site? I dunno what HTML he's using but that thing is wayyyyy messed up.

  5. It's Sandbox. It looks like that if you don't have any CSS in there.

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