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Is comment threading not working?

  1. Although new to the WordPress world, I have scoured the WP site looking on how to resolve the issue of Comment Threading -- basically, it isn't working on my site, even though I have enabled it on my Dashboard | Settings | Discussion. All that appears on the blog is "2 Comments" but I would like the comments to appear underneath the blog entry up to the limit I have set on the Dashboard.

    Any thoughts as to why this function isn't working?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Comment threading is working on all my blogs. Perhaps you have not set it up correctly on yours.

    > Settings > Discussion
    scroll to this section "Other comment settings" and locate:

    ___ Enable threaded (nested) comments ___ levels deep

    checkmark that entry, as well as, using the dropdown to select how a number for how deep the nesting will be. Then click "Save Changes"

    Provided you have done what I have described above, and the comments on your blog are not threading, then you must contact Staff for help, as volunteers do not have backend access to blogs and cannot apply technical fixes.

  3. Thanks Timethief...

    I did do just that, but the comments do not appear on the blog. All that appears is an indicator that there are comments on the entry and a reader must then click the comments for them to appear at the bottom of the screen.

    Perhaps this is a little too picky, but I thought what I was doing was enabling WordPress to publish the comments made just underneath the entry, as if part of the blog itself, like dialog clouds or something. What am I missing?


  4. I think you will need Staff intervention then

  5. Hold up a minute. Maybe this isn't a "threaded comments" issue after all.

    I hope you are aware that having to click the title to see the comments or a coments link to see them on any post is normal blog behavior. Imagine how long a front page or any post page would be if all comments were displayed after each pos rather than being collapsed.

    Before you file a support ticket let's be clear about exactly what you are talking about.

  6. I agree with you about hundreds of comments taking up tons of space...and you may be right: I might not know what I am talking about, especially as a freshman at this...

    To be clear, I would like the bold to show, say, the most recent 5 comments on the blog automatically, and an indicator that there are more and clicking on it would bring them up if someone was ambitious enough to want to read them all...pretty simple.

  7. ** that should say "I want the BLOG to show..."

  8. The only choices we have are the ones you find here > Settings > Discussion
    BTW I left you a test comment in reply to another comment you had received and it did "thread". It's in the moderation queue.

  9. I'm having numerous complaints about some comments not threading properly over the last week or so. Often, replies to comments appear as standalone comments not replies. Sometimes, not all the time. Such as this one

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