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is custom design worth it?

  1. Trying to get as much creativity as I can without buying custom design package since I JUST started my blog. Is it worth it to get the custom design and/or the upgrade?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This entry contains the frequently asked questions about custom design upgrades and answers to them > This is a discussion thread asking for opinions. I'm flagging it so it will be moved to the Off-Topic Forum because it's does not contain a support issue.

  3. Now here are my opinions:

    1. If you are committed to blogging over the long term then I recommend purchasing a domain mapping upgrade.

    2. If you have a professional or business site where you are building your brand I recommend you purchase a No-Ads upgrade.

    3. If you have a personal blog and you have CSS editing skills and you are willing to pay for a custom design upgrade every year then go for it, play and have fun. But do don't fool yourself into believing that a custom design upgrade is required to create a successful blog.

    When it comes to attracting and maintaining readers it is the quality of your content (original and unique content) and not the container it's displayed in that attracts and secures faithful readers/subscribers/commenters.

  4. 4. Also be aware that whether you purchase a custom design upgrade for a free theme or a premium theme here at the themes and the customization you do are not exportable to a self hosted install, should you decide to move to one in the future.

  5. To add my own two pennorth worth here, unless one is really serious about blogging IE you're doing it for a company or your own business I'd say not. There are so many beautiful themes on WP that finding one to fit your criteria and complement your topic is no problem. And as TT says, if you have CSS skills that's fine, but content is king. I've had a go at the trial upgrade and it was way over my head. :)
    Just a thought.

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