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Is Domain Mapping better for SEO ?

  1. Which area of Quantcast do you recommend - Publisher, planner etc etc?

  2. I just check them, and their method of quantifying requires JS script to be placed in the site, which of course is not allowed on . .can you let me know more please mate . . looks very interesting, but need full html code, not JS as you'll know.

    Is it located elsewhere on the site, as I can't seem to find it . .

  3. No, ALL sites are registered with Quantcast automatically by Staff. You don't need to do anything.

  4. so how can I check the stats mate, I noticed I was already registered, but would love to follow the stats . . ?

    Get a feel for it etc It is aimed at helping the end user right? or just WP?

    Just interested that's all.

  5. This is the quantcast link.
    This is the result of entering your URL there >
    The value of quantcast metrics to bloggers IMO is that we can determine what the readers demographics for our blogs are.

  6. Thanks timethief, most appreciated

  7. You're welcome. :)

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