Is Domain Mapping the same as URL Masking?

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    I have a domain name already purchased and currently directing to my wordpress site, HOWEVER, I do not want the wordpress url to show up.

    My tech support team wanted me to ask is your Domain Mapping the same as URL masking?

    Again, I have the domain registered already through another company and do not want to change this. Whenever somebody types in, I want them only to see in the search bar “” and not “”.

    Thank you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    Your visitors will not see the “, ” just the domain name you have it mapped to. If you have a redirect service purchased, you can have visitors who put in your wordpress url and end up at your own domain.



    But you have to have it mapped to the domain. You are currently still located at the url. I don’t know why, if you are domain mapped properly — perhaps someone else does?



    Also, if it’s a new domain, it can take a few days for the change to come through.


    Have you purchased the domain mapping upgrade here at wordpress.COM, or did you just redirect it to your blog here from your domain registrar?

    For your blog here to appear under your registered domain name, you will have to have the domain mapping upgrade.

    One other thing, wordpress.COM does not include www in domain names here, either the standard subdomains or with domains mapped to blogs here, so your URL once your domain is mapped to your blog will be . Anyone who puts the www URL in will be automatically redirected to the non-www domain name and to your blog here.

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