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is embedding youtube videos legal?

  1. Is it legal to embed youtube videos into my blog? WordPress has a tutorial on how to embed videos into posts, but i've been learning about cases where bloggers get sued for just embedding a video... If a youtube video makes the embed code available, it is supposedly safe to use it on my blog, right? I'm creating a basketball related wordpress blog, and i know i can't even post somoene elses images, but videos too?
    There's an idea of what i was trying in my blog. I havent shared it with anyone yet, those pictures and videos are referential
    Blog url:

  2. People can sue for things which are perfectly legal. Civil cases are very different from criminal cases.

    It's legal to embed YouTube videos. The responsibility for copyright lies with the YouTube uploader, not with bloggers.

  3. thank you very much, raincoaster!

  4. Hey, guys, I have a question for you.

    Are you allowed to post Spotify links on your blog, without having a copyright to the song? Let's say, I want to share with my readers songs that I like, but they're not mine - am I allowed to do this?

    I have read that with pictures and youtube videos you have to have permission from the author to post them... How about Spotify?

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