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Is everybody slacking on blogging lately?

  1. ...Or is it just something im noticing? Seems that as of the last 2 to 4 months a lot of wp blogs have went "ghost" hardly any new comments or posts if any at all. We have done this too for personal reasons, but when it comes to the rest of you what is your reason for not blogging recently? No news is good news typically...but not in the blogging world.

    I miss reading a lot of you, so update already :(

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Life got in the way and I just didn't make time to blog. A big move, my web design business has taken off and I'm living in Hawaii.

  3. I think I did sixteen posts in the last 36 hours, but I didn't see any comments from you.

  4. I was trapped in a mine... so over the next few weeks expect to see a lot of posts of really dark photos.

  5. Cool, Steve Jobs is sending you an iPhone!

  6. @ have been busy yet you still made time to reply, now thats real blog love. Moving is the pits all moves are a head big and small ones, best of luck with your web design business and hoping your enjoying Hawaii.

    @ raincoaster wow 16 blog post in 36hrs i'de be by to read some of them as for us life, life and more life got in the way our my and my blogging partner (swaggtalk100) he has alot going on right now and so did i, but im waiting on him to get back to it first.

    @feartheseeds...i know the trapped feeling all to well, i'll be looking out for your photos i actually love photography of almost every kind.

  7. Steady as she goes amongst the book bloggers and lit geeks. Lots of read-alongs and challenges, lots of good essays being published, and a lot of participation.

    I'm on a once-a-week schedule with original writing and terrific readers. I'm happy as can be, but I'm doing my own thing, over there in that far, far corner.......

  8. cookinginmexico

    I'm still here, blogging, but life happens too. There's only 24 hours in the day.


  9. I'm new and thinking this is going to be addicted... read mine?

  10. wow... addicting.

  11. I hear @ shorescres and cookinginmexico

    life rolls on, for me i'de check my blog surfer and no updates for days or even weeks to alot of my favorite reads. Now i've been busy with a lot of things so doing posts on my blog has been put on the back burner (for the moment), but yet and still i continue to show interests to my favorite read almost daily because they all motivate, inspire me and put a smile on my face.

    @ genmck

    yes it is very addicting, i find myself waking up out of my sleep to read comments on our blog and see whats going on with my favorite reads, true story and im not ashamed to admit it either.

  12. bump

  13. lettershometoyou

    I still post once a week or so, but find that the Internet in general and blogging in particular isn't that important to me anymore. I've bought a new bicycle, re-discovered the pleasure of reading real books and magazines, got a subscription to what passes for netflix here in Germany.... time spent on line is down a lot.

    I've also recognised many people bantering on Twitter when they used to do so on blogs. Everything evolves.

  14. We're going to become a society (world) where everything is expressed in 140 characters or less using text-speak. I have noticed for a long time a trend where many have problems expressing themselves, especially in written word, and twitter in my opinion is not helping that any. An interesting article by columnist Michael Ventura: .

  15. lettershometoyou

    It's not just the way the messages have been reduced to symbols and squawks, it's the content as well. Have you ever had the stomach for more than a page or so of YouTube comments? Is there any room on the Internet for people with something meaningful to say?

  16. I think all the people with something meaningful to say left the building, and I absolutely agree about twitter. I simply never go there and never participate. Youtube is the same way. It is almost like even though their minds have flat-lined, they still feel compelled to babble.


  17. @lettershometoyou

    Is there any room on the Internet for people with something meaningful to say?
    No, that's why they meet for lunch in bistros. :)

    Bloggers need feedback to know that whatever it is they are posting is resonating with their readers. IMHO it's rather like being on a stage. If the audience doesn't react to your message, you'll be less likely to get up and say something and eventually the stage goes dark.

    Personally, sometimes it amazes me when I see the ratio of visitors to comments left behind on my blog. I don't bite (at least not until October 31st)!

  18. I sort of seem to buck the trend on comments per post ratio and have an average of 4.7 comments per post.

  19. I knew it was'nt just me seeing it and thinking of it that way, its all over the blog scene

    Now the big question: is blogging dead??

    lets hope not, we'll i'm back to it did my first post in over a month a few days ago, as i've mentioned before even if i'm not posting on ours regularly i'll still be reading and commenting on blogs.

    Yep your still in my blog surfer, hopefully we're in yours still as well

  20. pornstarbabylon

    More people are on Twitter and Facebook now. Myspace just revamped last week too. But I'll never understand how anyone sees 140 characters as a replacement for blogging. Their intent must have never been to really write anything then. They must have been bored and thought hey I'll start a blog. Now they've abandoned it for the social networks.

  21. [opinion]

    Twitter is for people who can't form complete sentences or thoughts.


  22. I dunno about that. I got four of my last five contracts via Twitter. Yesterday a representative for Victoria gin asked me out to a posh hotel for drinks and gave me a goody bag full of booze and chocolate. Twitter is the social media platform MOST likely to result in real-world results, if you use it correctly.

  23. I've posted less but did post in my blogs recently. Several major personal things have happened in past few weeks. Very major events that are life-changing. I actually found it difficult to write anything on any blog, because whatever topic I chose seemed trivial right now.

    I don't use Twitter for communicating much though there is a twitter page for 1 of my blogs. At the time, because how I feel, Twitter seems even more a tool for indulging in trivial conversation. I lost a sibling.

    My perspective has changed abit now on what I write for my personal blog (biz blogs are different). I still like the topics I chose in the past to write in and most likely will still to this focus instead of falling off on what I ate for breakfast, etc.

    Now what I write, I realize to make it meaningful if it's public, I want to continue to make myself clearly understood and offer something useful to the reader. More than ever before, my blog writing is part of my personal enjoyment...and little gift to the world.

  24. Sacredpath, that link to the news article was useful.

  25. Still blogging. It comes in Cycles, because for many people real-life commitments may sometimes delay posts from going up. But I still Blog, and am on my 3rd (the current incarnation you see now just started). :)

    As for mirco-blogging (aka Twitter)...they all have their place, and all appeal to various people. If it were truly dead, WP, Google, and other mega-Blog Platforms would be dead. People will always have something to say, so I doubt Blogging goes away anytime soon (it may evolve, but not go away).

  26. I've never really been a fan of MySpace, Dont have a Facebook (imagine that) nor a Twitter, guess im the odd girl out. Just seems to me all the social sites have the same exact things which are: Links to dating sites, perverts asking to meet up and/or offering their YIM, tons and tons of spam.

    Then I constantly see them in the news and never for positive reasons...first it was MySpace now Facebook in regards to kidnapping, to fraud to missing persons and in everything else in between. At least with blogging when wether WP hosted or self hosted we can control whats what not so much on other social networking sites.

  27. I try to update as much as possible, but sometimes I just don't have anything to write about. Even so, I try to update at least once a week.

    As for twitter, I use it pretty regularly; but I would never consider that to be a blog. It's more of a way to keep in touch with friends. My blog is set to auto-publish to twitter, so that my friends will always know when there's a new post.

  28. pornstarbabylon

    Most of the traffic for my second blog is from Twitter. I don't even link back that often from Twitter to my blog. I just start ranting about something on Twitter and people usually follow the link on my bio back to my blog.

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