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Is Everyone's Blog Stats Fixed Now??

  1. Hey Everyone....I just noticed that my blog stats on my work computer are back to the normal line graph, instead of the bar graph, (the one that was really sucky) Just wanting to know if everyone's stats all better now.

    Cheers to the WordPress admin's! :)

  2. Mine are still not working. It depends on what machine i'm browsing from however. They're all IE browsers but on some machines I get my stats OK and on my main windows xp laptop, I get a big orange timeout box.

  3. Mine are okay now. Thanks.


  4. Dashboard, what version of Flash are you using? I wonder if you need to update on your boxes where you're getting the error.


  5. Mine looks fine. However, it still shows the EOD somewhere around 5PM, even though I did change my time zone.

  6. drmike - thanks for your continued support. I upgraded to the latest flash and it still shows the orange box. I captured a screenshot at

  7. Dashboard, would that be version 8? I don't see a version with the number 'latest' on the Macromedia website. (What may be latest to some may really not be.)

    Can you hit this site and confirm that everythings working?

    What browser are you using as well?

  8. The macromedia site says: "You have version 8,0,24,0 installed" and I see flash animations fine. And my IE is 6.0.2900.2180 and my OS is XP SP2. Thanks! Does anyone else see this timeout message?

  9. Mine looks fine too. Thanks. It is an interesnting tool for our blog... i like stats!!

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