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Is Exporting a blog possible?

  1. Before my first posts I'd like to make sure that one day I could seamlessly and smoothly export all my blog content without damage onto either self-hosted site or somewhere else like If that's feasible, it'll be great !

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Fine, so I can export my blog but if I want to preserve my photo and other media untouched, it's suggested that ONLY the newest can handle it.... A bit risky....

  3. Not accurate. You can use any version of software you like, but older versions are insecure.

  4. So, with the recent updates I can sit back and start blogging with and anytime I feel like moving to the self-hosted version, I can transfer my blog structure and content, together with undamaged media safely. Do I get things right ? :)

  5. Yes. When you do decide to move your content this is what the DIY move consists of

  6. Mostly right

    Content yes - (not sure that unattached media (pictures etc) that are not used in a Post or Page will also transfer so you might need to move some things manually - all of your Posts and Pages will transfer just fine

    structure maybe - depends on the Theme and if it is available outside WordPress.COM - themes here are modified here and you have a lot of Widgets here and no Plug-in's

  7. Note that the themes and any customization you may have done, are NOT portable, although many themes have versions available.

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