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Is Flash fully compatible with WordPress?

  1. Hey everybody,

    Is it possible to use a flash application on a WordPress website?

    I want to use a flash application (
    Is Flash fully compatible with WordPress?

    I can embed simple flash files in my pages,
    but is it possible to use a flash file
    that needs to send some data to my server?


  2. Direct flash embeds are not allowed at for security reasons although some flash can be used with the gigya shortcode. One thing to remember about the gigya shortcode though is that it is not an officially supported thing, which means that it could go away at any time for any reason.

    If you want full flash compatibility, you would have to self-host a wordpress installation on a third-party web host such as bluehost, dreamhost, etc.

    Given that Apple iphones, ipads and ipod touches and the latest version of Android will not get flash, I would be seriously reluctant to use much flash on any website. Adobe has killed mobile flash and I give flash probably 18 months before it is dead.

  3. No WordPress.COM is not very compatible with Flash. There are select shortcodes and sometimes a third party "work-a-bout" to embed some flash files in pages and posts.

    WordPress.ORG which is blog and site building software for a selfhosted website or server is a different matter.

    You would have to ask in there support forum: .

  4. Thank you for your help,

    We have our own server (not our own actually, only a VPS server from hostgator),
    so I think we can change WordPress settings which way that it needs,

    It seems there is only one way to make sure about it, and that way is creating a simple website for testing it.

  5. If you are on hostgator, you are in the wrong forums and need to be over where self-hosted wordpress installations are supported: http://wordpress.ORG/support/ .

    These forums are for those that are hosted here at

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