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Is is good to talk religion in public forums?

  1. I come from a country where different religion flourish. So we usually avoid discussing religion in public. I personally respect all religions too. But I do not understand why people discuss something so serious (and frankly, something so personal) here? Why start a discussion where most can't participate or most won't have a view?
    Lately, the off-topic forum has turned a little religious it seems. How correct do you think it is to keep discussing such issues in such forums?
    (This is not aimed at going against people's freedom of speech, but to discuss whether the freedom should be self-moderated when we are in a group.)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. People become very passionate about their religious experiences and want to share them with others. Proselytizing is a big part of some religions also, so the passion and conviction spread to all areas of their life.

  3. Honestly, in every open topic forum i have participated in, when there are alot threads about religion, there seems to be some nastiness in the comments.

    I've also seen threads turn into long arguments between Atheists and devout Theists, neither side ever seems to convince the other of their argued points.

    <opinion> From my experience the best place to have or read a serious BB discussion about Religion or Philosophy, is in a Religion or Philosophy Forum. In an Open- Topic forum like this one, the threads can get messy and break down into insults. </opinion>

  4. Sayali,
    What country do you come from?

  5. I guess I shouldn't have started this thread. I meant only to discuss the topic, but sensitive as the issue is, I should have refrained.
    In my defense - I did not mean to talk about any religion or its ways. I respect all.
    If you can forgive me, we can shut this thread and pretend this never happened?

  6. You can close the thread if you want. Unless you have been recruited by Apostle Jack and are being held hostage in a dungeon and have no choice.

  7. I don't think anyone thought you were trying to start a religious debate. I just hope you didn't take my question as a way to debate religion. That would be an unfair and inaccurate assumption.

  8. I sincerely hope you keep this thread, dear Sayali611, as it's an interesting question. You're right - religion is an emotive topic of discussion. However, the same could be said of nationality, history and race. Indeed, you'd be surprised at how passionate some people can get over video games! Should one always strive to avoid talking about them? All internet fora have their fair share of trolls and ignoramuses, but there are also reasonable individuals here as well. Moreover, some discussions can be illuminating; if we learn from others, how can we regret the experience?

    You have an audience - keep talking!

  9. I thought it was a good topic to start a thread.

  10. It is in the off topic portion of the forum and the people who participate are those who want to be there.
    If you want to feed the troll (apostlejack I'm lookin' at you) and keep it going, do so. If you want to attempt to have a serious discussion with someone, do so. Religion is not something we all need to tip toe around, it is a part of life even if you're an atheist.

  11. There IS a general rule that you shouldn't talk about: politics, religion, or money, because doing so is impolite. I would say that rule is outdated, but if you do break it, realize you're going to be opening the door to drama. If you're okay with the drama, go ahead.

    The only threads I try to squash here are "gimme hits!!w3i3o21!!!! NObuddy luvs meeee!!!" because, yeah, that's right: we don't.

    And of course the "any hot teen chicks who feel lonely" threads. Because trawling for jailbait is NEVER acceptable.

  12. Politics/religion/money (and sex) rule is no rule, just a set guidelines. Even when it wasn't outdated it was a bad idea that was devised to kill dissent and encourage conformity. I think these conversations (when they are serious) are important since we need to get the ideas out there.

    When you get the whacky troll, it is just fun to watch, and poke it with a pointy stick sometimes. When it stops being fun, just ignore it.

  13. @idiot photographer I loved your mostr recent comment. I agree and had a laugh too.

    @sayali Personaly I think truth can be gleamed from all things. and virtue can be found anywhere at all. It is not confined to the rules which we play by.

    But when discussions about religion turn to children throwing stones, I quickly loose interest. We are all of us at different levels of maturity. Those stone throwers however sincere they may be... they are the blind ones.

  14. "Politics/religion/money".... Not a bad rule... just one that you have to decide on for yourself. Like a lot of things these are usually the three that can always raise a stink if that's what you are trying to do, so most people avoid them just to live without the hassles generated by frivolous discussions involving any of them.

    Basically... there's a time and a place for any topic... bring it up in the wrong one and you'll create more problems than you solve. As to moderating such stuff... that's a hard call too. For every person happy to get back to discussing whatever was being done before any of those topics came up you'll also find another incensed that their free speech got curtailed.

    Ultimately... unless you are specifically talking with avid and eager listeners, religion tends to shake the tree a bit too hard to be either fun or useful... at least for me. Different strokes for different folks though....

  15. When it comes to social forums like this one this is what I think;

    (1) Quiet confidence is unshakable faith in whatever your faith or belief system is and no urgent need to share it with any person who does not request that sharing.

    (2) Discernment is knowing when and where to share your belief system with others and when and where not to.

    (3) Poor judgment is continually sharing your religious beliefs knowing full well that they are not welcomed.

  16. nice one sayali611 you have encompassed almost everything with one post

  17. My opinion religion and football have no place anywhere

  18. strawberryindigo

    I've noticed that in religious conversations. One side tries to convince the other, this nearly never works and only leads to bad feelings. Sometimes in the right circumstances, when the people having the conversation are open minded and not threatened by another's belief system. In those circumstances, a exploration of the subject can be rewarding and fun too.

  19. I think as long as youre not trying to force your views upon someone else, then why not. It's a good topic to discuss, so much can be learnt from one another when discussing it.

    There is a universal truth, which transends all faiths, and that truth should be shared.

    I spoke about faith, god, confusion etc on my Blog, to share my experiences. And its my most commented post and I've received a lot of emails due to it, from people wanting to discuss it more. So it was a good thing for me.

  20. I do not see a problem with a religious discussion. I do not have a religion, and am not sure I even believe in a higher power. However, I am fascinated by other people's beliefs, so I like to be part of that conversation.

    However, when it comes to apostle, that is just troll poking.

  21. We were raised that one did not discuss sex, religion or politics in polite society, so I guess money (the root of all evil) was acceptable. :)

    Trolls, IMHO, are simply people with not enough real life to keep them occupied. Or they are missing a social compatibility gene.

  22. strawberryindigo

    I am unsure what I believe. I've been on both sides of the fence. And I feel that there's something. I know that whatever the truth is, it's probably beyond my comprehension. I like all people who are peaceful, no matter what religion or lack thereof. I wish people wouldn't feel so threatened by discussing it.

  23. I don't feel at all threatened when discussing religion. I don't have a religion to protect and I'm not attempting to convert anyone. I have an excellent education in comparative religions that most lack and the credentials to prove it. I find it very difficult to remain silent when Christian fundamentalists spiel their propaganda claiming they are bible based, when in fact they aren't. I'm fully capable of pointing out each and every deviation from the Hebrew and from the Septuagint that they make and I have no patience at all with snake oil salesmen no matter what they are peddling.

  24. Offcourse! We can discuss about religion, because We are not Facebook! I've seen people discussing religious topics very rudely on social networks. Bloggers at are enough smart to discuss any sensitive topic. If they can blog about religion publicly, they discuss them on forums too. I think, most of us are not orthodoxly religious, we all respect the goodness of other religions. We're human first.
    [Sorry, if it's going emotional.]

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