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is it allowed to include a banner from any (travel) writing contest ?

  1. simplyindonesia

    hello there dear support team...

    i have read this articles:

    and, i'm about to participate in this travel writing competition:

    on point 9, it mentioned:

    "participants must enter the contest banner on their blog by putting this script:

    <iframe id='a1637956' name='a1637956' src='' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' width='300' height='250'><img src='' border='0' alt='' /></iframe>"

    wondering, i save those script in .html format, 'running' the .html file just created, click the banner appeared on my browser, and it referred to the 2nd link mentioned above.

    since--in my opinion--this isn't paid post...
    did this banner is the type of sponsored 'advertising'--which mentioned on the first link above--prohibited by
    can i put this banner on one of my article about to submit, or anywhere on my blog?

    many thanks for your supports.

    best regards,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry to say that your opinion is based on hot air. Look at the URL you posted. It's an advertising code plain and simple. You cannot post any advertising banners, or any advertising of any kind, or any paid or sponsored content of any kind anywhere on your blog unless you want it to be suspended for violating the terms of service.

    Here's what gets a blog suspended:

    Also note that all iframe codes are stripped out by the software to preserve security onb this multiuser blogging platform. If advertising is your thing hire a web host and set up a install.

  3. simplyindonesia


    how about this...

    after a couple of search on the net, i found this wordpress blog--which refers to the same contest I mentioned above:

    the owner

      don't put the script
    i mentioned above on his blog, instead, he
      used an image
    on his blog's side bar and in the articles which refer to the same link:

    is this 'method' allowed?

    I'm sorry. I still confused, since many times, i saw many wordpress blog are poured with this kind of thing--on the side bar or the articles. and they seems fine (not being suspended).


  4. I'm sorry. I still confused, since many times, i saw many wordpress blog are poured with this kind of thing--on the side bar or the articles. and they seems fine (not being suspended).

    some wordpress sites that show adds are maybe but not on

  5. @simplyindonesia
    My answer is correct above. Your blog is a free hosted WordPress.COM blog. It is no a WordPress.ORG install.

  6. simplyindonesia

    in this context of my words you quoted, i believe they are, since their url--which many times i saw--is always "(anyname)," and not self hosted site ( i know the difference.

    and the answer to my 2nd question?
    is the method allowed or not?

    i just need it to be clear, so I'm not repeating mistakes from other suspended blog.

  7. 1. The blog you posted the URL for is NOT a free hosted blog. It is Hosted by CariNet. The page loading time on that site is equivalent to a pig struggling in quicksand. It is is slower than 95% of all tested websites!/YdiQq/

    2. I haven't got the time or patience to load a site that loads like a pig and use Google translate to determine what "this 'method' allowed?" is that you refer to. And I don't even see a sidebar on that site.

  8. simplyindonesia


    i see misconception here...

    lets say,
    A = host of the event =
    B = blog sample, which contain questioned 'method' I asked earlier =

    if you visit site A. YES, there are no sidebar in it. and it is NOT free hosted blog.

    but, if you visit site B. you will definitely see the sidebar i pointed earlier (which contains image/banner referring to site A).

    sorry. I'm not good in English. therefore, it might confuse you. and if i may repeat my 2nd question...

    the owner of site B don't put the script obliged by site A on his site. BUT, on the other hand, the owner of site B used an image on his sidebar and on his article linking/referring to site A instead.

    would "this method" still be considered as violating rules in terms of 'sponsored and paid post'?

  9. Let's keep this simple:

    If you succeed in displaying the banner, your blog will be suspended.

    So don't do that.

    Besides, it's an iframe, which cannot be displayed on a blog.

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