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Is it enough to just have good writing?

  1. I have kept this new blog intentionally minimal - no photos, no anything.
    I wonder if just having good writing is enough to keep readers attention without all the bells and whistles??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It depends, I think, on the kind of readers you want. You'll get a different audience if you have mostly text, just like others will be drawn to a more photo-heavy blog. Personally I tend to steer clear of photo-based blogs because they lag my computer. It might just take you longer to build a reader base if you have to "prove" you have a good blog just through writing, but I think it's worth it. A lot of people posting to the showcase forum have text-heavy blogs and seem to do well.

  3. invisiblemikey

    Agreed. It comes down to what kind of blog you want to build, what part of yourself you want to share and express. There's no doubt that good writing is enough to build and keep readership. The key word is "enough". The writing has to be good enough, and you have to be willing to wait long enough. Sometimes people want to read work that's in depth. More readers don't. Think of the differences between reading novels and stories or newspapers and magazines. Magazine readers want to look at pictures as much as read. Newspaper readers want a mix, and current topics. There's also a smaller audience that wants to read more thoughtful, challenging material.

    Which audiences do you want to write for?

  4. toaustraliathelongway

    I think it depends what you're writing about. My blog is based on our travels, and to describe each place/situation would mean that each post would be very long as they sometimes cover 2-3 days of what we've been doing. But if you're writing about something else I think you could definitely get away with having a few or no pictures.

  5. plasticdaffodils

    A lot of the blogs I regularly read are just writing (with maybe a picture here or there every couple of weeks). If you write good and engaging stories, people will come.

  6. I used to think I needed to add images to my posts, now my site is mostly just text, and I've developed a decent sized group of readers. It's not huge by any means, but its enough to make this fun for me... and hopefully them. I just decided awhile back that my skill is in the writing part of this, to make people laugh or smile or think about something and adding images just for the sake of having images on my posts was unnecessary. Occasionally I'll use images as part of the post because, for example, they help the punchline of the post. So, write away... you'll know when its important enough to add a photo.

  7. I toggle between posts with heavy use of images and some that are more text with just a featured image. I write a humor blog so it really depends on the topic I'm trying to cover. Sometimes I make up satirical comics and that's the only thing on my post and other times I write longer 1,000+ word essays. Ultimately, if readers find your stuff enjoyable they will follow no matter how many images you have.

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