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Is it ethical to link two free blogs belonging to the same person?

  1. Suppose one has two blogs...both non-commercial. One single personal blog and the other a group blog and one cross-posts. While mentioning that one has cross-posted one can say something like:
    'This post is also available on my personal blog'
    A link would be given.
    Is this ethical by blogging ethics?

  2. Linking sources? You can link anyone's blog and as many I guess. I link everything on my blog as my sources or else I'll get emails again. lol

  3. I'd say:

    Creating other blogs with the sole purpose of linking back = not good.

    Linking to another one of your blogs, because the info is there = no problem. :)

  4. thanks.

  5. I do that sometimes and quite frankly, when I don't indicate that I've also posted it at the other blog, people think I'm trying to hide something. I usually say "cross-posted from" where n is the blog name.

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