Is it impossible to use Parent Category at Installed WordPress??

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    I’m using WordPress both serviced and installed.
    At my serviced wordpress I’m using several categories and I works well at my blog. I set menus, for example,
    Camera – Nikon
    Camera – Fujifilm
    Lens – 50mm F1.4
    Lens – 16-85 F3.5-6.3
    Subject – Nature
    Subject – Abstract
    Date – 2012 – Winter
    Date – 2011 – Summer
    and for my video log, (also for example)
    Musician – A to B – AC/DC
    Musician – C to D – Dave Weickl
    Title – A to C – Californication
    by this way, I can arrange my pictures (and videos) effectively.

    but, even though I used the same theme (Imbalance 2), this doesn’t work at my wordpress installed.

    I found other themes but all off them can’t show sub categories, especially for portfolio categories.

    Of course I can find and set them at the dashboard but, when I make a PAGE of portfolio template, It makes all the portfolio categories the same hierarchy, that is to say, even though the category NATURE is under the category SUBJECT(that is the parent category of NATURE), when I click Portfolio and all the categories show up in my blog, all of them has no hierarchy and become the same level. I want that NATURE appears when the mouse courser is over SUBJECT (or when I click SUBJECT).

    Is there any way??

    The blog I need help with is



    Can you give us a link to your self-hosted site so we can see what you are referring to? I’m thinking you’ll need to use a Custom Menu to achieve what you want.

    OT but if your site is an exact mirror of your self-hosted WordPress install, Staff have previously requested that such sites be made Private.



    Thank you justjennifer,
    My site is the blog over there.
    But this is not for this site I ask this question.
    this is my site.
    when you click, for example, STUDIOFOLIO PORTFOLIO 1, there will appear 3 post that i made for test. And there will be some categories on the top. (CATEGORY, REAL SUN, SON, STUDIOFOLIO PORTFOLIO etc…)
    They seems to be on the same hierarchy but in fact, REAL SUN is the parent category of SON…(Strange name but I made them just for test…) and there is the problem I want to solve.

    are all made by PAGE of a ‘portfolio’ template which is included in the theme.
    (I just follow the documentation of the theme and it was very useful to set my blog.)
    When I make a new portfolio item, I can make this to belong in to a ‘portfolio category’ (It is different from post category)
    and when I click STUDIOFOLIO PORTFOLIO 1 (for example), I can see all the portfolio items that I made. on the top I can see the porfolio categories, but the hierarchies are ignored…

    It’s difficult to explain cause my english is not good…I hope you understand^^



    But this is not for this site I ask this question.

    If you need help with your self-hosted WordPress install, please post at



    Oh…I see^^ Thanks~!!!

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