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Is it just me or is WordPress running slow since last night?

  1. blackgirlbedlam

    When I try to get to my dashboard [on either browsers I have installed and different computers] or make a post, the site runs really slow. When I do manage to get inside to make a post, the top interface [aka show/hide kitchen sink] doesn't load all the way and it stays in the html tab instead of visual [I can't even click on visual because it refuses to load]. I did a speed test [I have cable internet] and it's not my internet connection. I'm just wondering if it's just me [trying to rule out the possibilities] or is it the site?

  2. No, it's not only you.

    I opened the topic on that

    and this topic was also about this

    So, it's not only you. They are working on it. I'm still having the same issues.

  3. blackgirlbedlam

    Oh ok. Thanks.

  4. Running very quickly for me so far today. I never know though if the slowdowns I see are due to wordpress or my less than stellar performing wireless internet service.

  5. No, wordpress is p-a-i-n-f-u-l-l-y slower today than it has ever been... and it is not my internet service.

  6. It is still very fast for me today.

    Where are you located geographically?

  7. blackgirlbedlam

    In the U.S. Cleveland, Ohio.

  8. I have a small business cable connection, very fast, and wordpress and godaddy are very, very slow - not just my connection either, friends and family from another city, 50 miles away report the same problem. Slow load, slow refresh - too slow to work on site. I'm in Galveston TX

  9. Perhaps one of the trunks on the internet is down and in the rerouting to other trunks it has overloaded them.

  10. It's fast for me today. I'm in the UK, and am using Firefox.

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