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Is it just me or the Youtube embed is not working?

  1. Even the videos embedded in the relevant support page are only showing black rectangles. Is this just a hitch on my end or is it on's end?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am not having trouble viewing the video on that support page.

    Are you still not able to see them? Is there an embed on your own site you would like me to test?

  3. hey, i'm embed some videos from youtube too with add media button. And it appears only as a link, even the black box dont appear. In past, i'm have no trouble to embed. Am i missing something?

    here is one of my post for example

  4. penta31,

    When you paste in the URL, you need to do it in the "text" view of the post editor. I have fixed the page you linked to.

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