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Is it just me or there are lots of Amazon affiliate spam lately?

  1. I mean, seriously, just look at this Google's search result (keyword: "This Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program" and limited to only).

  2. Gah, I pressed enter accidentally.

    I've tried reported almost all of them, but new ones cropped daily and it becomes tiring to scour pages of search result to find the new, unreported splogs.

    I've searched about this and found that there are some tools out there that can auto-create hundred of dummy blogs and import Amazon spam content into them within seconds.

    I hope the staff are aware of these and can more swiftly hammer them down without relying too much on manual user reports. :)

  3. They have some automated tools - but they are real silent about what they are - sometimes it seems they are missing some simple filters - since the blog's here are free this is a tempting target

  4. They all seem to be suspended.

  5. I found a couple that had not been suspended - the staff now just need to take the output from Google and check it against suspended blogs and kick out the blogs that are not suspended for inspection - or have an intern click on all 5,000,000 links or so :)

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