is it legal to post other people’s events?

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    Is it legal to post events from other people’s websites? for example i want to post a Sample Sale event advertised by GAP. Is it legal to post that event on my blog? The blog is not meant to make money, but to let people know what kind of sample sales are going on in my area.

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    Your best bet is to ask their permission.



    It’s unlikely they could claim copyright over that, provided you’re posting purely factual information and not copying their images, logo, advertising etc. It’s possible you’d be breaking some other rule or regulation though. For example, you might have agreed not to disclose some information if you signed up for their web site.

    t3ck is right – as ludicrous as it may seem, you’d really have to ask their permission if you want to be sure.

    Many people would simply do it and see what happens.



    I think in the case of a sales event they are very unlikely to complain as you are giving them extra publicity. I would just put it up, but if they asked I would remove it immediately.

    I think if you are just telling someone about a public event and not copying pictures, etc. you are probably legal (though I am not a lawyer)



    just do it.


    @chrisqq said,

    I would just put it up, but if they asked I would remove it immediately.

    If they complain to wordpress instead of to you, your blog will simply disappear and you will see “this blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of the terms of service” when you go to your blog.



    tsp, that’s not necessarily the case, unless there’s a convincing legal reason.

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