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Is it OK to use PayPal buttons on Registered Charity website

  1. Hi,

    I've recently helped April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue setup their website on ( Registered Charity No 1121002).

    The website is mainly offering advice and giving information about the animals that need adoption, but we would like to include a shop page that allows people to purchase items to raise money for the charity. I saw on your support pages that it's OK for charities to have 'donate' PayPal buttons, but are 'Buy Now' buttons also allowed for charities?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes it's okay to have a PayPal donation button. It's the only one that we have instructions for here >

  3. The plain html "Buy Now" button will also work. That won't support a shopping cart.

  4. Hi Tess
    Thanks for posting that information.

  5. Yes, I was surprised by it.

  6. Also the ToS rules apply about what sort of things one can sell. I doubt that it would be acceptable for a non-profit to buy promo items to sell as fundraisers. ??? I don't know.

  7. I've heard that info, but I've never yet seen it working.

  8. I have. The reason I learned about it was that I reported a blog selling things with a paypal buy now button and Ryan M. emailed me back:

    The use of a PayPal button that's not a Donate button isn't actually a violation of the ToS.

    As long as the button is a plain HTML button it will work.

  9. Thanks everyone for your help. I knew donate buttons were allowed, it was the other buttons eg buy now and add to cart that i was worried about. The email link buttons definitely work as ive tested them. I just didnt want to waste loads of time setting it up if it wasnt allowed.

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