Is it okay to copy posts even if the content isn't 'original'?

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    Evening all. I’m guessing there’s absolutely nothing I can do about this, but I thought I’d ask any way.

    A lot of my posts are made up of YouTube videos, public domain photos and snippets from posts/articles from other blogs/news sites (with the link to the source provided), so I have no copyright claims over the content at all.

    But a blogger, who subscribes to my blog, copies these posts every day, every photo, video and article. She used to reblog everything I did, and refused to stop when I asked, but I found a way of putting her off reblogging me.

    So now she just copies everything in to her own posts.

    Again, I have no absolutely no claim over the content, but I’m just curious if this is acceptable behavior from a blogger?

    Her site now looks like a copy of mine, the rest of it is mainly made up of reblogs.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.



    I hate blogs that are ONLY reblogs, and I wish would force them to be set to Private. I understand that filing cabinet blogs are useful, but they are not useful to the rest of the world and might as well be set to Private.

    If the blog posts no original content whatsoever, there’s nothing really stopping you from going to her blog and using the Report as Spam feature to report it.



    Thanks Raincoaster, I’ll try that. I honestly don’t care what she gets up to, but it’s a bit galling to see her copy everything I do! Thanks again.



    Staff have in the past said that they would suspend blogs that were only duplicates of other blogs IF they were not private. I don’t see how blogs that are only duplicates of LOTS of other blogs would be different, but it’s a staff call.

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