is it possible force search engines to index ‘private’ blog

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    is there any way (ping or whatever?) make SE to ignore NOINDEX (and such) meta-tags set by ‘Private’ option and have them index ‘Private’ blog in spite of these meta-tags?



    I don’t know if this thread will be useful to you or not but at least I know you won’t shoot me down for bringing it to your attention, right?



    howdy TT,

    thanks for looking this for me, I’ve happened to see this thread before; alas, it does not answer that question above (G-desk/tool-bar ain’t something that’s going to get a residence permit on my desktop).

    for instance, I thought about something like special page form where RSS feed could be submitted to index (there’s one SE which has it).



    What an interesting idea: special page form where RSS feed could be submitted to index (there’s one SE which has it).



    Why would you set a blog as Private and then invite the search engines in ?



    good evening mark,

    thank you very much for this question! yes, indeed it’s very a good one (though I thought you could guess it out of hand ;-)

    the answer is really simple: I [still] want my tag links will all become local.

    but the only way to accomplish it is to “mark my blog as private under privacy options” what, at the same time, prevents my blog from indexing by SE (that’s what I do not want to).

    funny, isn’t it? ;-)


    you could also request being marked mature. that would give you your tags back, but not put up the ‘noindex’ tag.

    and, no, i’m not aware of any way around the noindex tag.



    uhm… nice idea; thank you, Adam, very much!

    I should’ve guessed it myself — it’s a community thing, you know…

    [off: just came across this funny ticket]



    There’s some evidence that MSN and A9 are both ignoring noindex and nofollow. If I had more than 4 hours today to hit over a hundred emails, I’d give you some links…


    re: OT –
    yeah, i came across that one a couple days ago, looking for my meta widget ticket. fun times.

    i believe you’re right, i can’t remember which engines don’t properly observe the robots tags, but at the same time, there’s the possibility that they might start.



    That is where Bad Behavior is a nice thing on self-hosted sites. If the search engines don’t follow the rules of robot.txt, it blocks them. Great way to ensure they follow the rules….not something we have here (that I know of anyways).




    Bad Behavior has issues on the WPMu platform though.



    Mature blogs categories links lead to completely empty Global Tag page.

    it says:

    “Sorry, we don’t have any posts here with that tag. You may want to try one of the sites below.”



    it’s appeared this is an intended (by Automattic Inc.) behavior.

    and here is why (for the record):

    Blogs marked private are allowed to opt out because their linkbacks won’t count for anything in Google. Mature blogs are not, because the global tag links were never intended to be useful for anyone other than Automattic. So what if they’re forced to link to pages that have nothing to do with them?

    sorry for some copy-pasting works, but wank has explaned it so nicely that I couldn’t get rid of a temptation.

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