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Is it possible to add a new page and have one catagory shown on that page?

  1. In my blog i would like to have an obvious page with the title, let's say, of YOUTH. When i add a new post with the category or tag of Youth it would then show up in that page but only posts in that category would do this. IS this possible?

    I am aware that i can have a category list and you can click on this but i was wondering if there is a clearer way of doing it in the way i have described.

  2. No, blogs don't work that way on The only posts page we have is the front page of our blog; all other pages are static and you can't post to them or add categories. If you click on the "youth" category on your blog, though, it will show a list of posts to do with "youth".

    Would using a text widget and creating a link called "youth" work for you? To most of your readers it would look like a separate page and it would be separate from the other category lists on your blog.

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