Is it possible to add sub blogs within your main blog?

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    I would like to insert blogs within my main pages of blogs, kind of like a different page to explain things. I’m starting a blog for my music, and I’d like to have a page for “About the Music” and “About the musicians”, ect. Is there a way that I can have this on the side bar leading to a different page? Also, on the opposite side of the bar, I’d like to have a colection of music, that can only be seen by clicking on the boxes.

    The blog I need help with is



    There are multiple ways to do something close to what you seem to want.
    I’d be inclined to use a text widget to provide links to “About the music,” “About the musicians,” etc.
    Or you could simply have one About page with a paragraph or two about each of: music, musicians, etc.
    Or you could set up multiple blogs, and put links to the other blogs in each sidebar. I wouldn’t go this way unless you expect to post a lot.



    I’d suggest you use categories for different topics: the posts will still come up on the main blog page, but they also come up on the Category pages dynamically, so every time people click on About The Music, they see all posts you’ve put in that category.

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