Is it possible to change my wordpress domain?

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    I have and I would like to change this is it possible??

    If not… can I make a new one and some how transfer my blog posts to my new blog??

    The word equiboodle is a business and they were my sponsors… they no longer are my sponsors so I would like to remove them from my blog title/domain!!

    What can I do guys??
    Many thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi, it is possible to change your domain.

    If you go to Dashboard > My Blogs, hover your mouse over the blog you want to change and some links will appear, Change Blog Address and Transfer Blog.

    Click Change Blog Address and it can be changed in there. If you want to discard the old address, click the box but be aware you’ll never be able to use that address again, if you leave it unchecked it will open up a fresh blog under your old domain, your new address will still lead to your original blog.



    OMG!! You are an actual WordPress/blog god!!! thank you sooo much!!

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