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Is it possible to change the colour of the adverts to make text readable again?

  1. Because of the adverts many words are displayed in a different colour which is almost the same as the background colour, which makes it impossible to read either the text or the ads. Is it possible to change the colour to make the blog readable again?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am sorry, but it's not clear what adverts you refer to.

    Is the site you linked to part of the WordAds program?

    Could you please either make a screenshot or give us a direct link to a post/page where you see this happening?

  3. it happens in the text, e.g. on the start page for example in the first sentence, the word "stroke" is linked to an advert.
    i can't include a screenshot, don't know why...

  4. You mean the word "stroke" on your front page:

    Wir sind Sonic Stroke

    ? I don't see any link in that sentence so it may be possible that you have a browser add-on or adware on your computer that is causing those words to be linked to ads.

    See this informative post by timethief, another forum volunteer:

  5. thanks a lot!! you were right!

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