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Is it possible to change the left margin?

  1. I don't like how the left margin is too big (for instance on the home page). It doesn't look symmetrical, so I was wondering if I could change that. I don't have a problem with the posts, but the pages don't look well.

    If you look at my posts (for example here ), you will see "February 20, 2015 Edit" on the very left. This is where I want the left margin begin on the pages (not posts...I don't have a problem with the posts). Is it possible to do that?

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Or as an it possible to move the location of the text so that the margin on the left side is the same as the space between the text and the sidebar?

  3. That space on the left is for the post meta data. We can adjust that though by targeting static pages using the page body class, which is declared in the opening body tag in static pages. The following adjusts the left padding on the content area of pages and then widens the content area by that same amount.

    .page .content-wrapper {
        padding-left: 60px;
    .page .content-wrapper .content-area {
        width: 761px;
  4. Thanks ;)

  5. You are welcome.

  6. The solution you gave works really well on my laptop. However, I just noticed that it doesn't appear like that on my iphone. Only half the text is visible and the writing is too small. It does not adapt to the size of the iphone. Is there a solution to that?

  7. Oops, let's modify that and use the following instead which sets a max width of 761px with a width of 100% so that it will flow correct on smaller screens.

    .page .content-wrapper {
        padding-left: 60px;
    .page .content-wrapper .content-area {
        width: 100%;
        max-width: 761px;
  8. Thanks, that works better :)

  9. You are welcome.

  10. Hi,

    I have the same problem. I'm trying to put this code in to CSS Stylesheet Editor but it dosen't work. In the comments at the top of the stylesheet it says: your rules can take precedence and override the theme CSS rules. But it dosen't seem to be working.
    Is it possible to fix?

    Thanks in advance!

  11. Ops! Sorry.. It's not the same problem.

    The problem is that the first page has a sidebar which pushes the text to the left. On the other pages there is no sidebar which keeps the text centered on the page.

    My problem is that it looks bad when the text is not alined with the menu. The look on the page changes a lot from the homepage with the blog to the other pages.

    Is it possible to have an other sidebar on the other pages as well?

    This is the site.

  12. Hi @ceciliahr, you are using a different theme and CSS is theme specific, so the CSS for one theme will very seldom work on another theme. In addition, you are using WordPress but you are not hosted here at Your site is self-hosted using the software from There is a volunteer-based Duster Theme Support Forum at for self-hosted users of Duster where you can post for help. They should be able to help you add sidebars to your other pages.

    For general questions on self-hosted installations, visit

    The differences between and

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