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Is it possible to create a "Home Page"

  1. I would like users who type in my url to arrive at a home page that has my very first post. I am posting/blogging in such a way (somewhat like a story line) that it would be ideal if they saw my first post (the beginning of the story) when they arrive at my site (verses seeing my last addition to the story line). Is this possible?
    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello,

    In the 'Reading Settings' screen ( Settings->Reading ) . You can specify A Static Page to show on front page ( home page). My recommendation is put the content you would like people to see ( the beginning of the story) into a page and set that particular page as your front page.

  3. Thanks johndcoy.

    Under settings, I only find Account Settings and Account Recovery. I don't find Reading.

    Perhaps this means I need to upgrade my account to have the additional options?

  4. You need to be in the dashboard of your site. It sounds like you are in the account section instead. Go to and in the left navigation column, go to settings > reading.

  5. If you want that post on top, don't set a static front page: edit the post and mark it as a sticky.

  6. @thesacredpath - Thank you. That was the path.

    @justpi - Perfect. The sticky did the trick. Thank you.

  7. You are welcome.

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