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  1. For our sites with darker color schemes, I would like to suggest you to don't disable "the snow option" on January 4th !!! I mean, is it possible that LET IT ENABLED THE SNOW EFFECT FOR DECEMBER, JANUARY AND FEBRUARY OF EVERY YEAR ?!?
    Why the snow effect is always disabled after every January 4th ??? Please, think about us, the pro-snow effect WP users !

    Thank you, very much ! May God bless WordPress Team with a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

  2. I just noticed floating white dots on my stats and edit pages and was worried. Is this the snow effect? Can you tell me more about it? Thanks!

  3. Janeadamsart, you will see very well "the snow effect" if you will visit my blog's home page right here
    The snow effect needs a darker color scheme (theme) which is able to make it more visible.
    For example, I am using the SUNBURN free theme.

    Blessings !

  4. @tomisthecat
    Please be aware that the snow is a resource hog that causes some bloggers and their visitors browser issues.

  5. Hi tomisthecat, your link as given is not valid. So I visited your blog via the address bar, but no snow to be seen!
    Thank you timethief for your reply about the snow. I will check it out.

  6. My response does contain your solution.

  7. @janeadamsart
    Unfortunately, I'm afraid that this forum does not accept the <b>a href</b> HTML code and for that reason it seemed to you that my link it's not valid. Anyway, thank you very much for visiting my blog via the URL bar of your web browser !

    By the way, the snow effect is perfectly visible on my blog's home page but it's very possible that you can't see it if you don't have a high speed Internet connection (LAN). I suggest you to disconnect (for the moment) from your wireless Internet connection and to connect to a high speed connection. If you will apply my advice, I'm very sure that you'll be able to see with your eyes "the snow effect" on my personal web blog site :

  8. @janeadamsart
    Now, you will see that my link will be very valid now :

    Hi ! Your response for janeadamsart contains the right and better solution for disable "the snow effect". I understand that "the snow" is a resource hog that could causes some troubles for some of the users. It would also be possible that some users have very old desktop computers (or laptops), very old video card (AGP instead PCI Express), very old RAM memory (SD-RAM instead DDR3), very old processors (single core instead dual core or quad)...
    For all of these users, there are only two solutions :
    1) To disable the snow effect option
    2) To buy a new personal computer (or laptop) and enjoy it !
    It's also very important to have a very good high speed Internet connection !

    My best wishes !

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