Is it possible to go back in time and add posts?

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    My prevcious blog was destroyed by hackers so I have started my site over again from the beginning. I would love to be able to add my old posts from as long as 6 months ago on my site. Is it possible to add months before march 2006 (present time?)

    Thanks so much for your help.




    Yes, just change on the date of the post on the “Write Post” page. Make sure the “Edit timestamp” box is checked.




    Worth saying that when I post dated some posts (!) I had some strange behaviour with where/if they appeared.

    I know this vague, so I will try and reproduce and report back.


    I tried editing the dates, but every post wound up being today’s date March 26th- no matter what other date I tried. Any other suggestions??

    Thanks again,


    actually, never mind. It works after all. Thanks for your suggestions!




    Just for reference in case anyone else does a search for this topic, please rememebr to make sure that one checks the “Edit timestamp” box. Even if you change the date and time, WP will not take it unless that box is checked.

    Good luck,

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