Is it possible to have a domain name and a wordpress blog with same name?

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    I am planning to register quite a few domains using which I will use for sites (the “master of your own domain” premium feature). I would also like to have a regular blog for the name of each domain. If, for example, I register the domain using the premium feature and host that blog on, would I also be able to have a blog called





    Yes, that is correct.

    In fact, domains are actually mapped to existing blogs.

    So, what you would do is register first, then register by adding it in the Upgrades -> Domains section of the blog’s Dashboard.



    I really appreciate the confirmation.

    If I later transfer a domain and site I developed and hosted on to another host, it seems that I would still have the address for a blog, if I wanted to use it.

    Would this be just a matter of copying the site over to the other host and then pointing the domain name to that new host? Will whatever site I developed when the domain name was mapped to as then just appear under



    Hello there,
    No copy and pasting required. There is an export import function on all wordpress blogs. When you purchase domain mapping you can move the blog to wherever you wish and all URLs will redirect to it seamlessly after repointing the name servers. If you wish to move to a install later on then see here > For setting up an install by the do it yourself method see here >

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