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Is it possible to have a link to a file in a dropbox folder on my computer

  1. I am trying to create a link to a file on my computer (in a dropbox folder) so readers can download the file. Is this possible? How do I do that?
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  2. does not provide a dropbox. The following processes are outlined particularly for users who wish to upload a document and add its download link to a blog post or page. If you are seeking to simply upload a document to your blog’s Media Library (no download link), you can check out Media -> Add New in your dashboard.

    If you want to embed the document itself, you will have to use a third party application like Scribd or Google Docs. Otherwise, the documents will appear as a download link.
    See here:

  3. No, you cannot link to a file on your computer. Your computer is not a web server, and ISP accounts for internet access are not set up to do that sort of thing. The IP address for your internet connection can change frequently in some cases. They are not static. Also, what if your computer was down for a week for repairs? No one would be able to download the file.

    Use one of the file sharing services such as, fileden,, etc.

  4. Depending on the file type, why not just upload it to your media library here?

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