Is it possible to have an email address with same name as blog?

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    I’m just about to launch my new freelance writing business and I don’t think it’s very professional to have a Gmail address.

    My question is… Can I have an email address like (email redacted) and have it be directed to my Gmail inbox?



    The blog I need help with is


    Hmmm – the sample I gave above was redacted. I’m wondering if I can set up an email that reflects my URL which is

    i.e. sarah – AT – thecityinwords DOT com



    Great. Thanks!


    Question. While going through the ‘Add Email’ steps from my dashboard, to link my domain name to a google Apps email account, the instructions state,

    “You can skip the domain verification steps that Google prompts for. We’ll do that next.”

    However, after having just now finished the process with the ‘Success!’ message at the end, my Google Apps account still states that I need to verify my ownership of

    Is there something more I need to do, to convince google that I own my domain, or is it just a matter of waiting the 24-72 hours that the ‘Add Email’ instructions in WordPress mention, with respect to mail being routed through?


    Hi there— that was my husband speaking on my behalf above. It’s been more than 24 hrs since we set up the email through Google Apps and it’s still not in effect. (I realize it could take up to 72 hours).

    Can someone please let me know how this verification of my WordPress domain works? Google says they they take care of it. Has this been anyone else’s experience?



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