Is it possible to insert slider into static homepage in twenty fourteen?

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    I’m using the twenty fourteen theme and have set my homepage as static but would like to show more that one image in a slider, rather than the static image, at the top of the content section of the page.

    I know I could insert a gallery slideshow but don’t like the box the gallery comes in and I love the visual impact of that large image. I know I could get this effect by making this the blog page and setting featured images but that would not serve the purpose of this site.

    I’d welcome any suggestions. Is it possible to create CSS for a hero slider?

    The blog I need help with is



    Themes with built-in post sliders are found here >

    It already has a post slider see here

    Do note that you cannot insert any post sliders into any themes that are not designed to have them.


    Ah yes, I see. But is there a way to use the slider without having to create posts from which to attach the images? I don’t have content to feature, just the images.



    If you do not see that here it cannot be done.

    Is it possible to create CSS for a hero slider?

    Custom design – Frequently Asked Questions
    Does the Custom Design upgrade let me edit HTML?
    No. The Custom Design upgrade allows you to edit fonts, colors, and CSS only. You can change the appearance of a theme, but not its HTML markup or PHP code. Read the rest at


    One suggestion would be to create the post and put only the image in them that you want to appear in the slider and set those post to show in the slider.


    OK, I am experimenting with this option of putting the image in a post and sticking it to the front page. Is there a setting where I can get those posts to NOT show in the newsfeed?


    I know of no way to block it from the RSS feed. They can be excluded from your blog page though with a little bit of CSS. What you would do is create a unique category for those image posts, and assign only that category to the posts with the images you put into the slider. As an example, if you used a category called “image” then you can use this to exclude those posts from the blog.

    .blog .category-image {
        display: none;

    One other suggestion would be to edit those posts and set the date for those post to a date before all your other posts and then set your RSS feed to show only the number of posts that you excluding those image posts so that your feed would start after those image posts.

    For more on changing a post date in the support document on scheduling posts:

    For more on limiting the number of posts in your RSS (syncidication) feed, see here under Syndication feeds show most recent…:


    I’ve done both of those things – thanks for the suggestions. Now, though, I have “image” showing as a category where my categories are listed on blog pages. Is there a way to make it not show there?


    Yes, we can hide that from the Categories widget. The following will hide “image” from the categories widget.

    #categories-2 .cat-item-686 {
        display: none;

    Hurrah! That did the trick – thanks :-)


    How did you find the category item #?

    I might want to apply this rule to other categories too.


    And is it possible to not have certain categories showing in the homepage slider?


    There are a couple of ways. The first way is to use the web inspector tool built into your browser. See our support page on How to Find Your Theme’s CSS for brief screencasts on how to get started using your web inspector tool. I find them invaluable when doing CSS and web work.

    Another way is to go to a page that has the Categories widget on it and do a view source (from the View menu in your browser), scroll down and find the categories widget code and you will see in the code the unique category item ID CSS class.


    If you are using the tag procedure for setting posts to show in the slider, remove the tag from those pages you do not wish to appear in the slider.

    If you are setting the posts as sticky posts, edit them and “unstick” them.


    On the latter point I didn’t explain my self very well. I don’t want to get rid of the featured image showing in the slider, just the text above where the blog title appears (bottom left corner of the image) which lists the categories linked to that blog.


    This will hide the meta data in the slider above the titles:

    .featured-content-inner .entry-meta {
        display: none;

    Fabulous! Thanks again!


    You are welcome.

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