Is it possible to link external style sheets?

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    (I don’t know whether I’ve posted this question before. If I have, I offer my sincere apologies. I couldn’t find it in a search!)

    I’m paying for “Customized CSS” on my blog. I maintain the CSS in coordination with my private website. The website and the blog link to each other, and I try to keep them looking the same! Thus, they share *much* CSS, and anytime I change the CSS on my website, I must return to the WordPress blog and apply the same change.

    It would greatly simplify my work were I able to import a CSS file from my website to the WordPress blog. Is this supported?

    The blog I need help with is



    CSS is theme specific, so you cannot use the CSS stylesheets from other themes with the themes at WordPress.COM.



    I understand what you’re saying about “theme specific”. However, I’m using the “Toolbox” theme, which is HTML5-compatible and intended for extreme CSS customization. My Custom CSS at WordPress takes advantage of this fact, and vastly alters the appearance of the “blank slate” Toolbox theme.

    However, I’ll take you at your word (no pun intended) and not attempt an at-import. Thanks.


    Not an official helper of any sort, just a user, but your situation intrigues me. Are you including your complete style sheet used by your website here on If so, could you reverse your thinking and maintain the style sheet here and import this one to your website. Guessing it could then put a load on the WP server so maybe they prohibit those kinds of links.



    I doubt WordPress would let me link. I can’t imagine what the URL for an at-import would be!



    [Can’t edit…so just to add:] There wouldn’t *be* a URL for the WordPress styleset, inasmuch as it’s not a (I think) an external stylesheet but rather a bunch of rules jammed into the head section.


    but rather a bunch of rules jammed into the head section.

    All blogs here at wearing the same theme are using the same underlying template as all blogs here are on the same multiuser blogging platform. We cannot access and edit metadata.


    Have you read this entry?



    Yes, I have read that entry, @thistimethisspace. And, believe me, I understand what’s going on and do not wish to edit meta data. I know that my paid custom CSS gets popped into the blank-slate theme in the head section: visible on View Source. I do not object to the mechanism! I merely posted this question to see whether at-import was acceptable to the WordPress CSS parser. I know the WordPress CSS parser is updated from time to time, as it was this spring, when at-media queries came to be accepted! Hence, my question. Meanwhile, to address your question as to whether I’ve looked into downloading my own copy of WordPress on my host, the answer is Yes. I’m considering it, pros and cons, and it’s just a matter of how lazy I am. (For I’m a truly lazy cuss.) More energy to maintain two copies of the same CSS? Or more energy to maintain a fully hosted WordPress blog. As the referenced discussion shows (and as I’ve seen elsewhere in other forums) there are strong pros and cons both ways. Thanks again for your patient advice.



    I understand what you’re asking for, but no, that’s not possible here, ie to tweak your website and have your blog automatically import those changes.

    In my opinion, a blog is way more work than a blog, but it does make certain things possible that aren’t possible here. If you’re moving JUST for the convenience of editing CSS once, I wouldn’t bother. It’s not worth the whole “being completely responsible for security and upgrades” thing.

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