Is it possible to link within the blog to other parts in the blog?

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    I would like to make a list of the book reviews on my blogs and have them link to the actual review on my blog. Is there a way to do this? I have archives, but blog readers have to scroll down to find a particular review. That probably works well for some visitors, but not for many. Thank you.
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    If you do not wish to create a static page and enter the archives shortcode on it then there is no automatic way to do this. You will have to create a static page and enter all the title links manually into a list.

    If you want to link to previous posts (reviews) you have done in new posts (reviews) you can do that easily


    Thank you, timethief. Useful info!! The first sounds time-intensive–and like I need another thing to do in my life–but it may be worth the time spent if I can help my readers. Thanks again.



    Why don’t you just put all the Reviews in the Review category and then use a Custom Menu to put a Reviews tab in your header?



    I do the equivalent, and it doesn’t seem that time-consuming! I have a static page set up of a list of all my tutorials, with a brief description and a link to each one.. It’s super-easy to link to your own content–when you hit the “link” icon a list of all your posts comes up and you just click on the one you want. This is my most visited page, it really gets used–its the hub of my blog now.

    Readers don’t want to wade through my archives to find the tutorials. That archives shortcode is super-easy to do (I used it to make a page that lists of all my posts in old-to-new order) but just gives barebones–the title of the post. Unless the post title is exactly the same as the book title, the reader won’t know which of your reviews is in there…To me, adding a new link to my tutorials index page is just part of making the tutorial, –only takes a fraction of the time of writing the tute!

    If you want the link to go directly to a specific review within a larger post, Panos has a post on his blog showing how to link directly to a specific point or section of a page–either on the same page or on another post:

    I do this all the time now, now based on his tutorial. (thank you, Panos!)

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