Is it possible to manually transfer all My Upgrades to the new blog owner?

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    hi my name is Carlos. I’ am from Portugal.

    Recently I had transfered the ownership of this blog ( to my client. Everything went Ok, but the “My Upgrades” payments (Domain, Custom Design and No Ads) still remain active in my account, for I to pay.

    Please, is it possible to manually transfer all of the above payments (on My Upgrades) to the new owner of this site, so that he can proceed to the payments in question?

    The blog I need help with is



    You should be able to transfer the upgrades yourself at

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades >> click on Transfer for each Upgrade – works about like the transfer a blog you just did


    Thank you for your answer auxclass!

    Probably, I didn’t get to explain myself.

    The only transfer that I see is a link bellow each service (Transfer to another site). This opens a window to select another blog.

    I really don’t want to transfer to another site/blog.

    All I want is that my client can pay this Upgrades, through his WordPress User Account.

    He is the owner and he doesn´t see the “Renew” button on “My Upgrades” page, so that he himself can proceed with payments for this services.

    In my client’s WordPress user account:

    In my WordPress user acount:



    I have flagged this for the staff to help –


    Once more thank you for your concern!

    I really hope that someone in the WordPress Staff can give me some kind of guidance on this subject.

    To be honest I’m a little nervous about this whole issue! It was the first time I purchased paid services on and I didn´t expect this kind of problems.

    Actually, one year ago, as my client was with me on the day that this services were purchase. To simplify, he paid them through my account. My bad, indeed!

    Now the expiring date is near:
    – 10 days remaining for Custom CSS and No Ads.
    – 30 and 37 days for Mapped Domains ( and

    I even thought (trying to work around this issue) create another blog through my client’s WordPress account.

    But this is not really the solution. After all, there are too many working hours involved if I take this forward.



    Recently I had transfered the ownership of this blog

    When you say that you “transfered” the ownership. What method did you use exactly to do so? Did you just give the client the login information? Or did you completely transfer it to them using these instructions here:


    Hi rootjosh,

    Thank you for your reply!

    I used the second method. I Followed the instructions as showed in that link you referred.

    It´s not the first time that I did an ownership tranfer on But it’s the first with payed Upgrades.

    This time everything went ok, except de Renew Now button, that still remains on my user account, instead of appearing on my client’s account.

    To confirm: In My Blogs page, I no longer have the Transfer Blog link for both sites ( and, only the Leave Blog, as you can see here:



    Okay, so for whatever reason, the upgrades didn’t transfer. I can fix that.

    But to clarify, I’m seeing upgrades for both and Both sites seem to be owned by your client, but the upgrades are still owned by you. Do you want me to transfer all of those upgrades (for both sites) to the current site owner?


    Yes, that is it!

    I want you to transfer all of those upgrades for both sites ( and to the current site owner.

    So that he can proceed to future payments of those services.



    Okay, I’ve made the transfer. Let me know if everything looks okay from your end.


    Everything looks ok! The Renew Buttton is active in my client’s account, for both sites.

    Thank you rootjosh!



    Great to hear!

    Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. Otherwise, thanks for using WordPress.

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